Incident Response Services

Handle critical security incidents, resolve immediate issues and put solutions in place to address systemic causes of the incident

Our company work with Mandiant specializes in investigating large-scale intrusions performed by the most advanced threat groups. Over the course of hundreds of investigations, Mandiant has developed expertise and intelligence that enables its consultants to identify the actions of the attacker, the scope of the compromise and what data was lost—in some of the world’s largest breaches. Mandiant consultants draw on a range of unique skills, experience, and technology to resolve each incident, remove the attacker and re-secure the network.


Investigative skills
Technical & investigative skills developed over the course of hundreds of investigations.
Threat intelligence
Profiles of key attack groups including their tools, practices and objectives along with corresponding Indicators of Compromise.
Proprietary tools that automate investigative tasks and enable network traffic and host-based artifacts to be rapidly evaluated—even across networks that contain hundreds of thousands of systems.
Law enforcement relationships
Long-standing relationships with law enforcement allow Mandiant to collaborate on investigations and share information when appropriate and approved by our clients.
Management experience
Experience providing guidance and advice on the business impact of computer security decisions.
Dedicated malware team
A team focused solely on reverse engineering malicious software and researching the latest exploits.