USB Security Solution – Honeywell

Honeywell SMX solution is the leading solution in security inspection and monitoring for peripheral devices, ensuring the safety of OT systems with internal threats. Honeywell SMX is built specifically for industrial networks (especially in closed OT network environments), ensuring the security of peripherals connected to the system:

  • Leak scanning and malware prevention – Automatically detects malicious components in peripherals based on a knowledge set developed by Honeywell
  • Control peripherals – Identify and perform check-in, check-out for peripheral devices, prevent unauthorized connections to the system
  • Visual monitoring – Provide models, overview data of inspection, leakage and evaluation of peripheral devices

Honeywell SMX provides the ability to identify, check and securely monitor peripheral devices. The solution helps businesses achieve high security, reliability for peripheral devices, helping to prevent threats before impacts on the system.


Malware scanning and blocking – Detects and implements malware that exists in executable peripherals when connected to SMX-protected Windows servers
GARD Threat Engine is a module that combines human and computer knowledge; use advanced machine learning algorithms and a knowledge suite built by Honeywell’s information security experts to detect threats to OT networks
Control peripherals – Perform check-in check-out for peripherals, preventing unauthorized connections to the system.
Visual monitoring – Visual display of information about the peripherals inspected


  • Leaks scan and prevent malicious code
  • Control and protect workstations against threats
  • Centralized monitoring and management
  • Detect threats quickly with GARD