According to experts, organizations are constantly moving their work to the cloud environment (Cloud) at a fast pace, to achieve high efficiency in work as well as achieve development goals, bring products to market quickly.

Research by CyberSecurity Insider and Fortinet found that 39% of surveyed organizations said that they have moved more than half of their workloads to the cloud, while 58% of organizations are planning to transition in the next 12-18 months.

In Vietnam, the trend of businesses moving to the Cloud has been considered to increase sharply over the past time, especially since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Also at this stage, the impact of the global chip supply chain, resulting in delivery schedules for hardware devices being stretched longer than before.

This makes the deployment of new applications delayed if it depends entirely on the deployment of hardware infrastructure. At that time, moving part of the work to the Cloud is an option that many businesses have been and still continue to make.

In the context that Vietnam is accelerating the digital transformation process, many activities are transferred to the Cloud environment, security experts all share the same opinion that the risks and challenges of ensuring cyberinformation security that agencies, organizations and businesses face have been and will be greater and greater.

Mr. Khong Huy Hung, Chairman of VNCS Global Solutions Technology (VNCS Global), General Director of Vietnam Cyberspace Security Technology (VNCS) said, along with the change in environment, working style due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and the trend of moving to Cloud, the patterns of cyberattacks also change rapidly.

“Up to 84% of units participating in a survey said that traditional information security measures do not work well in the Cloud environment,” vncs representative added.

Talking to ICTnews, Mr. Nguyen Gia Duc, Country Director of Fortinet Vietnam emphasized that one of the misunderstandings of businesses is that when moving to the Cloud, the provider will take full responsibility for related services, including security. Therefore, many businesses have lacked interest in security for applications and data that they transfer to the Cloud.

However, there is actually a “Shared responsibility model” – a shared responsibility model, between cloud service providers and businesses. Specifically, service providers will be responsible for securing the Cloud such as infrastructure, storage, database … and businesses will be responsible for securing the applications themselves, data, decentralizing access … on the Cloud.

“In addition, maintaining an on-premises data storage system and pushing part of the work to the Cloud, as well as multi-cloud options, gives businesses flexibility in deploying their applications, but also potential threats when data and applications are not centrally managed but distributed,” Mr. Nguyen Gia Duc analyzed.

Fortinet Vietnam experts recommend that organizations and businesses should always pay attention to the model of sharing responsibilities between suppliers and businesses, to proactively protect their applications and data when moving to the Cloud.

Along with that, units also need to offer a comprehensive security strategy, capable of monitoring and protecting applications and data moving between multi-cloud platforms as well as a combination of Cloud environment and on-premises storage to protect information assets well, data.

From the experience of supporting businesses to protect data assets, VNCS General Director Khong Huy Hung said that businesses need to pay attention to implementing solutions to ensure information security in both the short and long term.

Specifically, in the short term, hiring Cloud Security services, raising security awareness are the measures that businesses need to focus on.

In the long run, in addition to developing and providing Cloud Security services of Vietnamese people, units need to promote internal human resource training, quickly compatible and change to catch up with new trends of working in combination of online and offline; as well as build security processes covering the Cloud environment.

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With the advantages of technology and utilities in the digital era, cloud computing (Cloud) has become an inevitable trend to help organizations operate flexibly and save costs. In addition, businesses now face many difficulties in the process of deploying and monitoring information technology systems and are attractive targets of cybercriminals. In addition to stealing information and directly harming the interests of businesses, hackers also use these resources as a launching pad for many attack campaigns on a larger scale. Therefore, VNCS Global launched information security monitoring service on cloud platform “VNCS GLOBAL CLOUD SOC” inheriting and promoting the outstanding advantages of VNCS SOC service & cloud platform, helping businesses solve the problem of monitoring information technology systems comprehensively.