Digital Threat Monitoring

Traditional cyber defenses are designed to protect the assets that exist within your network — whether at the network edge or within the server and on the endpoint. But in today’s highly connected world, you also need to protect your assets that extend beyond your perimeter—such as your organization’s brand, personnel and integrated partner community. Visibility into threats against these assets can be just as important as visibility into threats aimed directly at your internal resources.

Work with FireEye (Mandiant team) we offer services to reduce this risk by providing early visibility into the threats your exposed assets face. It delivers this service through a unique combination of advanced technology and the world’s leading threat intelligence.

The service enables you to proactively combat risks such as leaked credentials, public exposure, threats to assets and other potential monetary or credibility losses. You gain visibility into otherwise inaccessible facets of the web, with focused analysis from our experts who can make use of the entire Threat Intelligence organization.

The Visibility and Insight You Need

Digital Threat Monitoring is powered by proprietary automated web reconnaissance technology that collects and analyzes web content, both on the open and dark web. It primarily targets sites used for communication by malicious actors. Using keyword queries specified by you (which may include brands, VIPs and partner organizations), the service conducts an analysis and generates threat alerts on potentially significant matches.

Threat alerts are accessible via the Alerts Dashboard within our Intelligence Portal. Each alert includes alert status, source and severity attributes, in addition to valuable insights to help manage your monitored assets. The Alerts Dashboard also enables you to take specific actions, such as communicating with our analyst, on individual or multiple alerts.



Real-time monitoring of digital threats to your assets
Early warning that your company or data are being mentioned or targeted
Alerts when your company or data have been exposed or compromised
Supporting intelligence context from industry leading security experts
Reconnaissance tailored to your organization
Customizable intelligence analyst support