OT,IOT & IT Security Solution – Nozomi Networks

Nozomi Networks solution is the leading solution in security monitoring for OT systems. Nozomi Networks is built specifically for industrial networks, ensuring operational safety but also easy integration with existing infrastructure. The solution gives customers the ability to:

  • Meet security standards Automatically detect weaknesses in industrial operating systems that jeopardize security
  • Malware scanning and prevention – Identify specific types of malicious code for OT systems as well as risky behaviors
  • Visual monitoring – Gives an overview model of network connectivity in the system

Nozomi Network is a solution that provides network security identification and monitoring for Industrial Control System (ICS). The solution helps businesses achieve high security, reliability in ICS system operation as well as easy integration between IT / OT systems.


Ensure operational safety and reliability – The solution is built specifically for ICS industrial control systems with passive monitoring capabilities
Device Monitoring and Identification – Provides detailed information on devices and specialized protocols used in the system, including legacy infrastructure devices
Connection Model Visualization – Automatically map and build connections between network regions and provide visual modeling through artificial intelligence and machine learning
Risk Assessment – Provides information on the assessment of risks in the system based on the OT ThreadFeed database


  • Asset identification and inventory
  • Monitor and visualize the network connection model
  • Early warning and risk management in the system
  • Vulnerability identification and assessment
  • Flexible dashboards and queries
  • Centralized administration through the Central Management Console (CMC)
  • Easy integration with IT/OT infrastructure