Threat Intelligence

Cyber attackers are often better trained, better funded and better staffed than many security organizations. Cyber attacks are increasingly more complex and the resulting damage more severe. Finding and retaining a qualified security professional is tough enough, but finding the numbers needed to fully meet these challenges would be cost prohibitive.

Security organizations are looking for ways to increase their own security expertise and effectiveness. They need to improve their response capabilities and ensure their defenses are aligned against the most likely threats. All without breaking the bank.

Our Threat Intelligence Services meets these challenges – cost effectively — with a wide range of actionable, effective security insights at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Threat Intelligence Service help you on

Identify which threats and actors you face because of your business, industry or region, enables you to invest in and deploy the proper security measures to address them
Identify which alerts need to be investigated first with associated contextual insight, Reduces time to detection and alert fatigue, and increases staff knowledge
Identify which vulnerabilities to patch first based on those being exploited against similar organizations, prioritizes patching efforts and reduces the likelihood of successful attacks



Provides comprehensive actionable threat intelligence on a wide range of subjects
Visibility beyond the typical attack lifecycle, adding context and priority to global threats
Improves asset protection and better informs business risk decisions
Aligns security programs and resources against your most likely threats and actors
Addresses tactical, operational and strategic use cases
Improves prioritization and remediation of security alerts and the patching of security vulnerabilities