On 10/8/2022, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam signed a decision approving the “National cyber safety and security strategy, proactively responding to challenges from cyberspace to 2025, vision 2030”.

This strategy is an affirmation of the importance of network safety and security in digital transformation, digital government development, digital economy and digital society; emphasizing the point of view of developing Make in Vietnam technologies, products and services and a team of excellent experts to become a self-reliant country in terms of network safety and security.

This is the first time Vietnam has a Strategy submitted to the Prime Minister by 2 ministries, demonstrating the close coordination between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Information and Communications in ensuring network safety and security.

The strategy expresses the view that network safety and security is the focus of the digital transformation process, an important pillar to create digital trust to develop the digital economy and digital society. Promote the strength of both the political system and the whole society, especially the relationship between the State, businesses and people in ensuring network safety and security; in which state agencies play the role of coordinating, cohesion and sharing information.

Fundamentally transform awareness and practices to adapt proactively, flexibly and minimize cyber safety and security threats. Namely, moving from a distributed protection model to a centralized protection model; from passive incident response to proactive early forecasting, early warning, prevention and effective response; from single-handedly protecting and hiding information attacked by cyberattacks to actively cooperating and sharing information to proactively prevent and support troubleshooting and restoring the normal operation of information systems.

The strategy also clearly states that developing a team of experts and autonomy in technology, products and services is a fundamental solution to make Vietnam a country with high capacity in ensuring network safety and security.

In particular, the Strategy has clearly delineated responsibilities and coordination to ensure national network safety and security between 3 forces of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense.

With a strong vision that by 2030, Vietnam will become a self-reliant country in terms of cyber safety and security to protect prosperity in cyberspace, the Strategy has set 13 specific goals to 2025 and 8 specific goals to 2030.

Accordingly, by 2025, the Strategy aims for Vietnam to maintain the ranking of 25 to 30 on the Network Safety and Security Index (GCI) according to the Assessment of the International Telecommunication Union; agencies, organizations and enterprises comply with the provisions of law, have units assigned focal points, take responsibility and form specialized forces for network safety and security.

Also by 2025, 80% of Internet users have the opportunity to access awareness raising activities, skills and tools to ensure network safety and security; develop from 3 to 5 key information security products and services, dominate the domestic market and have international competitiveness; forming an R&D center for cyberinformation security; annual revenue from the network safety and security market grew by 25-30%; ensure funding for network safety and security reaches 10% of funding for science and technology, digital transformation …

To implement the goals, the Strategy has set out 12 specific tasks and solutions. The tasks and solutions of the Strategy are also built in accordance with other strategies of the information and communication industry that have been promulgated or are being built, forming a complete whole to develop and ensure the safety of digital infrastructure, digital platforms, digital data and create digital trust.

According to the Authority of Information Security, Ministry of Information and Communications, this is also one of the few strategies where the roles, missions and responsibilities of enterprises in the industry are clearly depicted, mentioned quite a lot to promote the development of the industry in safety, network security and safety assurance, national cybersecurity.

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