According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of cybersecurity breaches come from the employees in organizations and businesses. At the same time, many organizations are facing a shortage of cybersecurity skills while the number of global ransomware attacks has increased by 105%.

In detail, stolen or compromised personal information, such as login information, passwords, … are not only the most common cause of data breaches but also take the longest time to investigate. Remediating such data breaches is costly and time-consuming, resulting in the global average cost of a data breach being $3.92 million.

The most effective way to strengthen the human element of security is through cybersecurity awareness training. Especially for remote workers, it is easy to get caught up in cyber attack techniques that reveal important organizational information.

Training employees on cybersecurity and good practices will immediately raise employee awareness levels, providing them with practical skills to protect against the risks of data breaches, cyber attacks, and cyber attacks. cyber attacks and threats from ransomware.

How often should employees receive security training?

VNCS Global will evaluate based on the scale, complexity and sensitivity of the data to provide the most optimal training solutions for businesses . Regardless of company size and industry, it is recommended that cybersecurity awareness programs be reviewed and updated at least quarterly.

Types of popular attack that employees are likely to encounter:

  • Phishing: phishing emails impersonating a well-known business or acquaintance. Email is easily exploited to deploy malware, including ransomware.
  • Phishing via texting applications or SMS, voice calls.

These forms of attack will occur at any time with unpredictable levels of risk, requiring regular training every quarter is necessary. Training methods also need to be implemented properly to remain secure without disrupting the workforce’s workflow.

Some good methods to ensure the training of your enterprise’s cybersecurity staff is done properly include:

  • Evaluate employee progress over a 12-month period
  • Interesting short courses, simple language, interactive content in the form of games.
  • Training with specific risk situations depending on each case of employees, in different equipment or different working positions.
  • Ensure the training program is continuously updated, reflecting the evolving threat landscape.

During this assessment, there will be phishing simulations to test the security levels of employees and the organization’s internal systems. Raising cyber security awareness may take time to implement, VNCS Global is committed to accompanying businesses to face challenges in information security.